Wood Preservative

Timber has long been used for constructing houses and well-preserved wood framed buildings in the UK date back a thousand years.

It is however a material that is susceptible to degradation from rot and insect infestation if it is not carefully treated and protected.

Timber treatment is best carried out with a professional wood preservative to protect structural integrity and ensure longevity.

What makes wood vulnerable?

Insect Infestation – Common woodworm attack represents a relatively low risk to durability if caught early and treated with preser­va­tives. Larger beetles, such as death-watch and longhorn have potential to cause much greater damage.

Fungal Decay – Wet rot and dry rot represent a much higher risk to the integrity of wooden members. Rot develops where timber is exposed to dampness and ventilation is poor. Wooden joists sitting on sub-floor brickwork is a good example.

Look out for signs of woodworm activity

Round holes in woodwork, coupled with dusty deposits may be evidence of infestation by the common furniture beetle. Fresh flight holes are formed during the emergence season of April to October, which is the best time to treat the timbers with an insecticidal wood preserver.

Look out for signs of wood rot

Areas of wet rot may feel spongy and look darker than the surrounding timber. Dry rot may manifest itself in the form of a white/ yellow fungus, dusty orange spores and/or thick branch-like strands extending over walls and floors. Badly decayed timber may be susceptible to cross-grain cracking. Treatment includes actions to eliminate all sources of dampness, cut away and replace rot-affected lumber and apply a protective fungicidal preservative to treat surrounding areas. .

Insecticide and fungicide wood preserver treatments can be applied in different ways

  • Spray treatments are ideal for treating large areas of timber such as wooden floors.
  • Surface applied gels treat timbers that are particularly susceptible to rot, for example joints ends.
  • Injected boron preservers provide maximum protection for buried wooden posts.

Twistfix offers an array of wood preser­va­tives at trade prices including wood treatment formulations to preserve new lumber in vulnerable situations and multi-action timber preservers for remedial applications by professional builders. Each timber treatment is HSE registered for professional use against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects and are not suitable for amateur use.

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Woodworm Treatment Kit

This woodworm treatment kit comes complete with mixing vessel and spray unit. It eradicates wood boring beetle and protects against future infestation. 5 x 1L Concentrate makes 125L.
Price incl. VAT
Lignum Woodworm Treatment

A professional woodworm treatment concentrate that eradicates wood boring insect attack and safeguards timbers against future woodworm infestation. 1 Litre (Makes 25L of timber preser­vative)
Price incl. VAT
Wet & Dry Rot Treatment

This wet & dry rot treatment kit comes complete with mixing vessel and spray unit. It protects timber against wood-rooting fungi and kills woodworm. 6 x 1L Concentrate makes 75-150L depending on application
Price incl. VAT
No More Rot Dual Purpose

No more rot dual purpose is a ready to use liquid timber treatment containing both insecticides and fungicides offering a solution to a range of wood destroying issues. Sold in a 5 litre container ready to use.
Price incl. VAT
Lignum Multi-Purpose Wood Preservative

A professional multi-purpose fungicide and insecticide wood preservative that protects wood against wet rot, dry rot and woodworm infestation.
Price incl. VAT
Wood Preserver – Wykabor 20 Gel

A boron-based gel for treatment against wood-boring insects and timber decay in high risk timbers such as joist ends, purlins, wall plates etc. 5L
Price incl. VAT
No More Rot Insecticide

No More Rot Insecticide is a ready to use timber treatment to eradicate and prevent infestation by wood boring insects. Rady to use product sold in 5 litre containers.
Price incl. VAT
Wood Treatment Wykabor 10

Triple action timber treatment with ready-mixed boron wood preservative and masonry wash for treatments of woodworm, prevention of timber decay and removal of mould, dry rot and moss. 5L and 25L containers
Price incl. VAT
Microtech Dual Purpose F/1 Concentrate

Wykamol Microtech Dual Purpose Concentrate is a concentrated timber treatment used to combat a range of wood destroying insects and fungicides. Sold in a 400g bottle which when diluted makes 25 litres
Price incl. VAT
Microtech Insecticide Concentrate

Wykamol Insecticide  ­Concentrate is a concentrated timber treatment used to eradicate and prevent a range of wood destroying insects. Sold in a 150g bottle which when diluted makes 25 litres of treatment.
Price incl. VAT
Boron Treatment Rods

Highly concentrated timber preservative treatment in the form of eco-friendly boran rod implant. A green building product for treating woodworm and wood rotting fungi - Pack Quantity 10
Price incl. VAT
Timber Preserver Wykabor 40

Timber preservative with boron / glycol base for treating & preserving large timbers. Deeply penetrating wood treatment in a handy cartridge for injection into joists, wall plates, fence posts etc.
Price incl. VAT