Lignum Multi-Purpose Wood Preservative

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Lignum Pro D156 is a multi-purpose wood preservative with fungicide and insecticide components. It is formulated with micro-emulsion technology and has an extremely small particle size, which is in the nanometre range. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep into timber in order to deliver protection against a wide range of wood rotting fungi including both wet rot and dry rot and to deliver effective treatment of wood boring insect infestation

Lignum Pro D156 is supplied in a 1litre concentrate, which is diluted according to its intended use.

  • For use in preventing white and brown wood rot and protecting against blue staining fungi it is mixed with clean water at a ratio of 2:23 to produce 25 litres of ready to use timber preservative.
  • For use in preventing or treating woodworm attack it is mixed with clean water at a ratio of 1:24 to produce 25 litres of ready to use woodworm killer.

This multi-purpose wood-rot treatment contains:

  • Permethrin 31.25g/L; for treating woodworm and other wood boring insects.
  • Propiconazole 93.75g/L; for protection against a range of wood rotting fungi.
  • IPBC (3-Iodo-2-Propynyl Butyl Carbamate) 31.25g/L; for preventing wood staining fungi

How to use Fungicide and Insecticide Multi-Purpose Wood Preservative

  • Open up for access as much timber surface as is practical; e.g. lift some floorboards to gain access to both upper and lower surfaces of timber floors and to the supporting joists.
  • Ensure timbers are clean and free from wood dust and other contaminants
  • Dilute Lignum Pro D156 concentrate according to its intended use
  • Apply diluted fluid, to all accessible wood surfaces using low-pressure spray or brush, at the applicable coverage rates.

Coverage for protection against wet rot, dry rot and blue stain fungi:

Apply 2:23 diluted fluid at the rate of 200ml/m2, using 1L of diluted fluid to protect a surface area of 5.0m2 (25L of diluted fluid to protect a surface area of 125m2).

Coverage for treating woodworm infestation:

Apply 1:24 diluted fluid at the rate of 300ml/m2, using 1L of diluted fluid to protect a surface area of 3.3m2 of infested timber (25L of diluted fluid to protect a surface area of 82.5m2).

Coverage Note:

Remember to calculate the full exposed surface area when ordering. For example floorboards in a 4m x 3m room will have 12m2 upper surface and a 12m2 surface underneath. The floorboards may be supported by ten 150mm x 50mm joists with three exposed surfaces. Therefore in addition to the 24m2 floorboard surface there is a further 10.5m2 of accessible joist surface area to treat (150mm + 150mm + 50mm x 3m long x 10 joists = 10.5m2).

Surface Finish:

Product does not have a finish and leaves the same effect as applying water or solvent. However it is always advisable to try on a small inconspicuous area before application to ensure product finish is as expected.

Drying Time:

Subject to wood and ambient conditions the product is touch dry in 1 hour and should be suitable for overpainting, varnishing or staining in 24 hours. Unprotected persons and animals should be kept away from treated surfaces for 48 hours or until dry.

Cleaning Tips

Rinse out spray equipment and save washings for use as diluents for the next use. Remove most of product from brushes with tissue and wash brush with soap and clean water.

This high-strength multi-purpose wood preservative is designed for professional use in eradicating woodworm infestation and protection against wood rot fungi such as wet rot and dry rot.

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