Construction Chemicals

Mould Remover

Mould Remover

Buy mould remover biocide for the removal of black mould on walls. Stop damp mould with a mould remover kit at trade prices.


The process of plastering walls has been used in building construction and renovation for hundreds of years.
Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment products are designed to repair and protect construction materials such as brick, stone, concrete, tarmac and slate.
Wood Preservative

Wood Preservative

Buy timber treatment and wood preservative for treating wood. Twistfix offers effective wood preserver products for preserving timber at trade prices.
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Woodworm Treatment Kit

This woodworm treatment kit comes complete with mixing vessel and spray unit. It eradicates wood boring beetle and protects against future infestation. 5 x 1L Concentrate makes 125L.
  • RRP £212.50
  • £209.40
  • £174.50

Concrete Sealer - Microsealer

Concrete Sealer Micro is a highly penetrative liquid treatment that forms durable monolithic structures in concrete to improve surface wear & water repellency. 25L
  • RRP £72.50
  • £89.21
  • £74.34

Mould Remover

A professional mould remover concentrate that provides the surface sterilisation treatment to remove and kill mould spores and surface growths on painted or papered surfaces.­Concentrate is supplied in a 5L containerand makes 25L solution
  • RRP £89.50
  • £83.94
  • £69.95

Concrete Admixture

Concrete admixture comprising an acrylic water-based dispersion for cement-based mixes. Use to produce heavy industrial/ agricultural floors, bedding grouts and repair mortars. 25L
  • RRP £208.00
  • £192.00
  • £160.00

Fungicidal Paint Additive

Fungicidal paint additive for anti-condensation paint. Black mould prevention at a fraction of the cost of a specialised fungicidal paint.
  • RRP £9.25
  • £7.50
  • £6.25
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Masonry Biocide

Masonry biocide treatment in a micro-emulsion concentrate for the control of dry rot in walls and the removal of mould, moss, algae & litchens from concrete and brickwork surfaces. 1L - Makes 25L
  • RRP £36.25
  • £30.90
  • £25.75

Salt Neutraliser 5L

An aqueous salt neutraliser surface treatment based on acetic acid with a surfactant. Ideal for use on a wide range of surfaces from new plaster to old stone and masonry. 5L
  • RRP £94.31
  • £95.17
  • £79.31

Wood Treatment Wykabor 10

Triple action timber treatment with ready-mixed boron wood preservative and masonry wash for treatments of woodworm, prevention of timber decay and removal of mould, dry rot and moss. 5L and 25L containers
  • RRP £29.95
  • £24.60
  • £20.50
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Wet & Dry Rot Treatment

This wet & dry rot treatment kit comes complete with mixing vessel and spray unit. It protects timber against wood-rooting fungi and kills woodworm. 6 x 1L Concentrate makes 75-150L depending on application
  • RRP £332.50
  • £304.14
  • £253.45

Woodworm Killer

Ready to use woodworm killer that eradicates active infestation of wood boring insects at all life-cycle stages including woodworm and prevents further infestation. 5L
  • RRP £18.00
  • £19.80
  • £16.50

Universal Wood Preserver

Lignum Universal Wood Preserver penetrates deep into timber to protect it from wet rot, dry rot, blue-stain fungi and woodworm. Suitable for DIY or professional use. 5L
  • RRP £25.00
  • £24.90
  • £20.75


SBR is a liquid latex admixture that improves the charac­te­ristics of cement mixes such as render, screed and mortar and can be used as a bonding primer to improve adhesive charac­te­ristcs 5L
  • RRP £23.95
  • £23.94
  • £19.95

Twistfix supplies a wide range of construction chemicals for building renovation. Professional admixture systems and plastering blends are ideal for finishing walls after damp proofing work has been carried out, whilst mould removal products get rid of black mould caused by condensation.

Professional wood preservative formulations are tailor-made for treating timber in old buildings, delivering long lasting protection from woodworm, wood rot and other fungi. Advanced water repellent surface treatments preserve the condition of masonry and concrete.

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Construction chemicals must be handled with care.  Please follow product instructions carefully.