Construction Chemicals

Mould Remover

Mould Remover

Buy mould remover biocide for the removal of black mould on walls. Stop damp mould with a mould remover kit at trade prices.


The process of plastering walls has been used in building construction and renovation for hundreds of years.
Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment products are designed to repair and protect construction materials such as brick, stone, concrete, tarmac and slate.
Wood Preservative

Wood Preservative

Buy timber treatment and preservative for treating wood. Twistfix offers effective wood preserver products for preserving timber at trade prices.
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Masonry Water Repellent Cream

Dry Seal masonry water repellent is a high strength silane cream treatment that waterproofs brick and stone facades including walls, bridges and tunnels. 3kg Tub
  • RRP £107.70
  • £83.40
  • £69.50
Rating 4.8 of 5

Mould Remover Kit

Mould remover kit having everything you need to kill mould growth and mildew on walls, ceilings and window frames.
  • RRP £47.40
  • £35.94
  • £29.95
Rating 5.0 of 5

Renovating Plaster

A lightweight renovating plaster pre-mix with perlite aggregate & water repellent additives. For use following damp proof treatments or in conjunction with cementitious tanking coatings. 20KG
  • RRP £28.74
  • £19.20
  • £16.00

Woodworm Treatment Kit

This woodworm treatment kit comes complete with mixing vessel and spray unit. It eradicates wood boring beetle and protects against future infestation. 5 x 1L Concentrate makes 125L.
  • RRP £255.00
  • £209.40
  • £174.50

Asphalt Repair Kit

Asphalt Repair Kit is a versatile cold lay macadam. Solvent-free Ultracrete delivers instant repairs to tarmac roads, driveway surfaces and paths having pothole damage. 3 x 25kg macadam in resealable & recyclable tubs
  • RRP £187.20
  • £141.48
  • £117.90
Rating 4.8 of 5

Damp-Proofing Membrane

Heavy duty damp proofing membrane with air gap and mesh face. Ideal wall lining following DPC injection. Enables the direct application of wall plaster on damp walls within the drying out period. 3 sizes.
  • RRP £141.60
  • £129.60
  • £108.00

Lignum Woodworm Treatment

A professional woodworm treatment concentrate that eradicates wood boring insect attack and safeguards timbers against future woodworm infestation. 1 Litre (Makes 25L of timber pre­ser­vative)
  • RRP £36.00
  • £29.94
  • £24.95

Concrete Sealer - Microsealer

Concrete Sealer Micro is a highly penetrative liquid treatment that forms durable monolithic structures in concrete to improve surface wear & water repellency. 25L
  • RRP £87.00
  • £89.21
  • £74.34

Epoxy Floor Seal Paint

Paint-on liquid damp proof membrane for new or existing floors. A two-part high hardness, abrasion resistant and waterproof epoxy coating. 2.5G or 5KG
  • RRP £115.14
  • £95.94
  • £79.95

Floor Junction Fillet Seal

A cement based waterproof fillet seal for treatment of concrete floor / masonry wall junctions and other surface points of stress. Essential for effective tanking treatments. 25kg
  • RRP £71.28
  • £42.00
  • £35.00

Wet & Dry Rot Treatment

This wet & dry rot treatment kit comes complete with mixing vessel and spray unit. It protects timber against wood-rooting fungi and kills woodworm. 6 x 1L Concentrate makes 75-150L depending on application
  • RRP £399.00
  • £304.14
  • £253.45

Lignum Multi-Purpose Wood Preservative

A professional multi-purpose fungicide and insecticide wood preservative that protects wood against wet rot, dry rot and woodworm infestation.
  • RRP £54.00
  • £40.74
  • £33.95

Twistfix supplies a wide range of construction chemicals for building renovation. Professional admixture systems and plastering blends are ideal for finishing walls after damp proofing work has been carried out, whilst mould removal products get rid of black mould caused by conden­sati­on.

Professional wood preser­va­tive for­mu­lati­ons are tailor-made for treating timber in old buildings, delivering long lasting protection from woodworm, wood rot and other fungi. Advanced water repellent surface treatments preserve the condition of masonry and concrete.

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Construction chemicals must be handled with care.  Please follow product instructions carefully.