Structural repair specifi­cations

Structural repair specificati­ons for the design of retrofit masonry re­in­for­cement.

See the appropriate masonry repair details for method statements and material specifi­cations for a variety structural repairs to masonry walls

Lateral Rein­for­cem­ent Specifications

PDF Document LR-SK01 Soldier Course Lintel Repair

PDF Document LR-SK02 Brick Beam Lintel Repairs

PDF Document LR-SK03 Bed Joint Rein­for­cement at Internal Corners

PDF Document LR-SK04 Bay Window Restraint

PDF Document LR-SK05 Brick rein­for­cement Beam

Crack Stitch Repair Details

PDF Document CS-SK01 Crack Stitching

PDF Document CS-SK02 Crack Stitching at internal corners

Remedial Ties Specifi­cation Details

PDF Document RT-SK01 Remedial Wall Ties

PDF Document RT-SK02 Pinning Cross Walls

PDF Document RT-SK02a Pinning Cross Walls (Grout-Free)

PDF Document RT-SK03 Lateral Restraint Ties

PDF Document RT-SK04 Lateral Restraints for End Grain Timbers

PDF Document RT-SK05 Tying Detail for Movement Joints

For a detailed view of these structural repairs in action visit the Twistfix Interactive House where various modern methods of masonry repair techniques are shown in animated format. Used in conjunction with the above design details, these animations provide a useful facility for those involved in spe­cifi­cati­ons for structural repairs to delapidated masonry walls.