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This brick tinting dye been specially developed to permanently stain porous brickwork to a natural Old London Stock brick-colour . The tinting dye stains forms a strong molecular bond with the brickwork without affecting its vapour permeability.
Total Wall Care Brick Stains are formulated using powdered pigments dissolved in potassium silicate solution.  The dye can be diluted with water to lighten the stain if required. The brick brick-staining dye is absorbed into porous brick surfaces to provide an enduring natural finish, colour-matched to  typical Old London Stock brickwork.

How to Stain Brickwork to give an Old London Stock brick-effect.

  • Our 1L brick stains are ready-to-use. Just shake thoroughly and decant into a suitable pot.
  • Mix with water if a lighter tint is required (dilute with a maximum 2 parts water to 1 part brick dye).
  • Apply stain to brickwork using a clean paintbrush.
  • Re-coat as required to acheive a darker shade
  • Overlapping strokes may result in deeper colours being produced.
  • This brick-tinting dye will stain clothing and other porous materials! Wash all spillages immediately with lots of clean water.
  • The brick stain does not change the texture or properties of the masonry; it merely provides a permanent change of colour.
  • Produces up to 3L of brick tinting dye at maximum dilution
Typical coverage 20-25m2­/Litre.  However this will depend on the porosity of the bricks and the desired shade. We recommend that you establish coverage rates and shade of the stain with a trial tinting application.

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