Brick Stain - Old London Yellow

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Old London Yellow brick dye is a masonry tinting that permanently changes the surface colour of brickwork and stonework. The staining solution forms a molecular bond with the face of porous masonry and is vapour permeable..
Total Wall Care Brick stains are formulated with a powdered pigment in a potassium silicate solvent. They can be diluted if neccessary to lighten the shade. The brick dye is absorbed into masonry surfaces to provide a lasting natural finish to match a typical Old London Yellow brick.

How to use Old London Yellow Brick Tinting Dye .

  • Mix settled solution by shaking and pour into a suitable container.
  • Add water if necessary to achieve a lighter stain (maximum 2 parts water to 1 part brick stain solution).
  • Apply staining dye with a clean paintbrush.
  • Add further coats if necessary to acheive the desired tint
  • Overlapping strokes may result in darker patches.
  • Avoid spillages if possible or wash immediately with copious amounts of clean water.
  • This brick dye will stain clothing and other porous materials! The brick stain does not change the texture of the brickwork; it merely provides a lasting change of colour.
  • Makes up to 3L of brick dye at maximum dilution
Supplied ready to use in a 1L container, this solution will typically colour 20-25m2­/Litre.  The exact coverage will depend on how porous the masonry is and the depth of colour required. We recommend that you determine coverage rates and depth of colour with a trial tinting application.

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