A Secure, Comfortable and Convenient Christmas with Twistfix

Christmas is fast approaching and many businesses have already announced their Christmas opening times. A large proportion of companies however must continue providing goods and services over the Christmas period to ensure comfort, safety and security; Twistfix, along with our extensive network of registered contractors, fall into this category.

As noted in previous articles, the months from October to April are considered 'condensation season' in the structural and architectural trades. December and January are the worst months when many properties notice a dramatic increase in liquid water on cool surfaces such as windows and stone or brickwork, which in turn can lead to complicated damp problems. Freezing pipes also cause misery to thousands of tenants each winter. Another problem is that of snow and ice which, when daytime temperatures cause it to melt, can reveal or cause water ingress to a building. If water freezes in existing cracks to masonry, these cracks will widen due to the fact that water expands when frozen. This process, when left unchecked, will continue in a cyclic process, the constant night-time freeze and morning thaw further damaging the masonry. Any of these issues are made more problematic if they happen during a time when many businesses are closed until the new year.

Twistfix has always employed a customer-centred policy and so will continue to provide its regular service throughout the festive period. Normal office hours will apply except on Bank Holidays and we will be using a dedicated courier service to ensure all of our rubber roofing, masonry crack repair, resin injection and crack stitching products are delivered on time as requested. Our phone lines will remain staffed in order to provide accurate, expert information on our comprehensive range of damp proofing products and renovation solutions.

We would like to wish all of our customers and staff a very Merry Christmas and look forward eagerly to 2013. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require information, advice or support on our superior products.  Phone 0845 123 6006 or email

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