A Stitch in Time: Masonry Repair Kits

There are a number of reasons that masonry can become cracked but, whatever the reason, such cracks must be quickly and professionally repaired. The Crack Stitching Kit from Twistfix is designed to offer a complete, lasting solution to cracks in brick, block and stone walls, delivering consistently professional results. And, when you take into account our signature low prices, this kit represents incredible value for money.

At the centre of the Twistfix Crack Stitching Kit are helical crack stitching bars, each of which is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel to ensure the perfect combination of strength and corrosion-resistance. Every high-tensile helical bar is precision-profiled. ensuring perfect results when bonded into pre-cut horizontal slots in the bed joints. Structural integrity is restored as the cracks are firmly stitched together.

Any building can suffer from cracks in masonry but the issue is more common in older properties. Crack stitching bars make a perfect retrofit solution in such cases, creating minimal disruption during the installation process. Aesthetic appeal is preserved as both bars and grout are completely invisible once installed.

As well as helical bars, the Twistfix Crack Stitching kit contains specially-formulated WHO-60 masonry repair grout, into which the bars are embedded. The grout is easily mixed and subsequently applied using a helix mixer paddle, brick jointer, Grout-Master applicator and Hi-Flo nozzle; these components are supplied within the kit.

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