Alternative Uses for Remedial Wall Ties

Twistfix is a renowned supplier of a comprehensive collection of replacement wall ties designed to suit all applications and structures. The collection includes long drive pins and masonry ties engineered by leading brand Thor Helical and exclusively available to purchase from Twistfix. 

These self-tapping stainless steel helical wall ties are incredibly versatile. While robust helical anchors are ideal for reliably replacing cavity brick ties, many building contractors also use extended versions of helical fasteners for multiple structural repair applications. For example, on refurbishment projects, many builders use long drive pins for securely tying solid facade walls to corresponding party walls, pinning down parapet wall coping stones, firmly securing masonry soldier course lintels and strengthening brick arches. The Thor Helical product has a patented precision helix has winding threads that corkscrew easily into all masonry types, including concrete, block and brick.

Each 450mm long helical drive pin accurately cuts longitudinal female threads into masonry when driven into a pilot hole by a series of axial impacts. For over 30 years, the helical wall ties have been repeatedly subjected to national and international test programs, resulting in them being certified suitable for use in many remedial situations, including cavity wall and solid masonry applications. 

Long drive pins from Thor Helical offer a host of benefits and advantages. An installer can fix the tie at sub-zero temperatures to deliver a mechanical interlock anchorage that exerts no expansive stress and remains completely unaffected by fire and flame. The helix shape defines alternating broad and narrow portions, maximising grip and accommodating multi-directional differential movements. Deep, continuous helical troughs ensure no water can migrate across the fastener.

The  dry-pinning system of long helical drive pins offers exceptional savings of up to 50% on material costs compared to traditional resin or cementitious grouted fixings. In addition, the system is at least ten times faster to install than systems requiring bonding agents, significantly reducing labour costs.

These superior masonry wall ties are sold by Twistfix as part of a comprehensive kit which centres on either 18 or 36 ties. Each kit also includes a special tungsten carbide masonry bit for creating the required pilot holes along with a remedial wall tie setting tool designed to work in conjunction with an SDS drill to securely hammer in the ties.

For more information about Thor Helical long drive pins, along with details of our entire collection of remedial wall ties, please browse the Twistfix website.

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