April Showers — Protect YOUR Property!

We have had our March winds and now, right on cue, here come the April Showers! Making sure your roof is fully protected against these squalls is essential and, if you haven't checked YOUR roof since the start of spring, then now is the time. Roofs damaged by wind are more likely to leak but you can get everything you need to protect your property right here on the Twistfix website.

How to Spot the Problem

Obviously, if the leak is major then you won’t have any trouble in identifying a damaged roof! Less dramatic but much more common is a small and insidious leak that can actually be more damaging as it isn’t immediately noticed and rectified. Signs of a leaky roof include:

  • Staining - as water evaporates, the impurities left behind will cause staining on surfaces such as walls and, more tellingly, ceilings. Such discolouration usually signifies a leak but stains on the ceiling can also be caused by improper ventilation and so it is important to seek the opinion of a professional to confirm the cause of the problem
  • External damage - look out for damaged sealant or flashing around potential points of ingress such as roof vents. If these become compromised, small gaps can develop which allow water to penetrate - it’s a good idea to regularly check such areas and it can be done during routine maintenance such as gutter cleanings. Look out for missing, loose, worn, deformed or discoloured areas of flashing and sealant
  • Traditional roofs need to have their shingles checked to ensure all are present and uniformly arrange. Membrane or single-ply roofing systems most commonly experience water ingress at the seams while metal constructions suffer from panel-loosening
  • The source of a leak is not always where the stain appears as water can easily travel along rafters or other structural elements before reaching the wall or ceiling. The best thing to do if a leak is suspected is to check the attic, if access is available. Climbing onto a roof should only be attempted by a professional and you should find an experienced and reputable company in your area for the task.

Check out our extensive range of products and make sure you have a warm, dry and safe Spring with Twistfix - come rain or shine!

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