Baseline 8: First Choice for Cellar Tanking

When basement conversion started to get popular, it was variously termed as a ‘fad’, ‘trend’ and ‘craze’. This has proven to be very far from the truth, however, and extending your property in a downwards direction is more popular now than ever before.

This increase in basement conversions has been driven partly by ever-increasing land/property prices and partly by improved access to better basement waterproofing technology and materials. One of these materials our 8 mm high quality waterproofing membrane, which is available as part of a comprehensive kit from Twistfix.

Wykamol CM 8 is a cavity drain membrane that allows for timber-frame studs to be attached to the waterproofing membrane’s front; this means that required services (including electrical wires) can run safely and unencumbered between membrane and studs, preventing its penetration and subsequent compromising.

Membranes are connected with strong butyl waterproofing tape, creating a watertight seal - this is especially important at the junction of wall and floor, a particularly vulnerable area. The system for draining water is then completely sealed, isolating masonry from internal finished and facilitating water disposal without the liquid ever getting near the new living area.

The Wykamol 8 mm Water­­pro­­ofi­­ng Membrane Kit includes:

  • 1 x roll of CM 8 water­­pro­­ofi­­ng membrane - choose 40m2 or 48m2
  • 1 x 22.5m roll of wa­­ter­­pro­­ofing tape or 4 rolls of butyl rubber rope
  • 1 x box of 200 brick plugs with ready-mounted waterproof seals

If you’re thinking about basement conversion then you need to check out all the facts as it is a complex, delicate task that must be managed by professionals using quality products such as Baseline 8.

Find out all the information on the technical aspects of the CM 8 tanking systemon our website and do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team if you need advice. Get it right first time with Twistfix.

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