Baseline: Basement Tanking Made Easy

Autumn 2019 has, so far, been characterised by lots of heavy rain. This excess water has revealed many structural leakage problems, particularly when it comes to spaces located beneath the ground. Professional basement tanking solutions are a Twistfix speciality and include cavity drain membranes from our Baseline collection.

The Wykamol collection of basement waterproofing membranes recently received BBA certification, a symbol of just how effective the products really are. As basement conversion is such a popular way to increase living and working space, Cavity drain tanking systems are becoming more and more important as a standard part of professional kit.

Creating an air gap between the membrane and the wall or floor surface it is applied to, a cavity drain membrane allows water to pass freely behind it; from there, the water heads into a drainage channel and pump-housing sump for appropriate disposal. The basement space is thus completely protected from water ingress.

Installation is easy and extremely effective. The membrane is simply fitted into place before being overlaid with a framing system such as battens. Plasterboard can then be applied, leaving behind an area that is ready for finishings and decoration. All of the required ancillary products, such as plug seals and waterproof plugs, are also available from Waterproofing section of the Twistfix website.

One of the bestselling products at Twistfix is the CM 8 Membrane Kit, available in 40 or 48 square metre pack sizes. Along with BBA-Approved Wykamol 8 mm cavity drain membrane, the kit includes butyl rubber waterproofing tape and membrane fixing-plugs with ready-mounted waterproof seals, allowing you to get started straight away and to achieve a professional result.

Find out more about or selection of Basement Waterproofing Membranes on our website, where you will also find our complete collection of cellar tanking products.

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