Basement Waterproofing Membrane: Protecting Properties

The recent heavy rain has caused the water table to rise dramatically, leading to many problems with water ingress into properties. Basements have been particularly affected and this is often caused by inadequate basement waterproofing.

The water table is the surface where the water pressure head is equal to atmospheric pressure and is best visualized as the level at whch underground materials are saturated with groundwater.  Its level can alter significantly due to a number of factors, including drainage capacity and amount of rainfall. Consequently, the water table tends to be higher during the winter months and lower in the summer.  To ensure that basements stay dry throughout the year, it is essential to install a comprehensive, professional basement tanking system.

One of the most popular methods of basement waterproofing involves the use of cavity drain damp proof membrane. The product creates an air gap between itself and the floor or wall, which allows water to pass safely through to be directed away to appropriate drainage. The membranes are secured using plugs, plug seals and tape, creating a water-tight barrier that completely eliminates the possibility of water ingress.

Cavity drain membrane is so successful at its job that it has become the structural waterproofing method of choice for most professional installers. Twistfix supply a full range of UK manufactured waterproofing membrane and related ancillaries, all at the most competitive price.

Check out the Twistfix collection of damp proof membrane online and get in touch with our team for more information.

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