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More reasons for builders, plasterers and householders to safeguard their interests and to buy damp proofing products direct from Twistfix

A nationwide damp proofing company, which is based in Derby, was exposed as a rogue trader in last nights’ episode of the BBC Watchdog program.  The contractor, who claims to be ‘ Sovereign Approved’, is run by former directors of The Damp Detectors Ltd, which was fined ten years ago for selling damp proofing treatment in walls where there was no rising damp.

The programme exposed the Midlands based damp-proofing specialist as recommending unnecessary damp proof injection, quoting £1200 to drill and inject a chemical DPC into the brickwork, despite the semi-detached house having no rising damp.

The programme also exposed the ‘self-proclaimed’ damp specialists as generally recommending DPC injection without renewing damp plaster.  Indeed a specific damp proofing scheme in Preston, Lancashire was given as an example of this company injecting chemicals into walls without replacing the damp and salt-laden wall plaster.

Claiming to be a Sovereign Approved Contractor ( Sovereign Chemicals is one of the  largest DPC chemical manufacturers in the UK) one would have expected a trained expert to advise that BS6576: 1985 “Code of practice for installation of chemical damp-proof courses” requires all internal salt contaminated wall plaster to be replaced as an integral part of the injected damp proofing system.

It seems that anyone can become a ‘self-proclaimed’ damp proofing specialist and obtain ‘Approved Contractor’ status irrespective of their knowledge of good practice or ethical business conduct.  In reality the only specialised aspect of such remedial treatments is the correct diagnosis of the damp problem followed by an appropriate prescriptive repair specification.

The act of treating walls for rising damp is a very low-skill task comprising the drilling of holes and injecting a chemical damp proofing cream with a caulking gun.  These simple operations can be carried out effectively by your trusted local builder, plasterer or even a competent DIY enthusiast.  Take a look at our animations to see how easy the damp course injection process is

Fortunately Twistfix supplies professional BBA damp proofing products and plastering additives to small builders, plasterers and householders, all of which are demonstrating a growing awareness that in order to do a job right it is often better to do it yourself.

Why pay thousands of pounds to a self-proclaimed specialist company, which has the primary commercial motivation of selling its damp proofing services.

It is acknowledged that not all damp proofing companies are rogue traders.  However to safeguard an average semi-detached house against damp why not buy Twistfix damp proof injection products and plastering additives.  This can represent 80-90% saving when compared to the damp proofing costs charged by specialists for rising damp treatment.

Twistfix have host of damp proofing products available for damp walls.  For more information contact us on 0845 123 6007 or email

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