Be Ready for a Wet Winter — Weatherproof with Twistfix Today!

Part of preparing your house for winter this year should include weatherproofing all porous walls and flat roofs, as the wet weather is predicted to continue.

To ensure the continued health and comfort of everyone inside a property, as well as the building’s structural integrity, it is essential to protect exposed surfaces such as flat roofs and external walls. Leaks, damp patches and puddles of standing water are symptoms that must be immediately and professionally addressed - our collection of weatherproofing products is guaranteed to get the job done and includes:

Roof Sealing Paint

For the fastest solution, nothing can beat our roof sealing paint, which utilises a unique formula to deliver immediate results.

  • Works on most types of roofing material, efficiently sealing leaks and preventing water ingress

  • Can be used preventively or to repair surfaces in an emergency, even if it’s raining

  • Usually needs just a single coat without any primer

  • Unique elastomeric formula has fibres added to improve flexural strength - this allows the weatherproof coating to bend as the roof naturally moves due to thermal activity

  • Easily applied with spatula or brush

Damp Seal Water Repellent Cream

Porous masonry is particularly vulnerable and this product is designed with strength and durability in mind.

  • Thixotropic silane formula delivers a waterproof coat that is vapour-permeable

  • Applied to masonry such as stone or brick, the cream completely penetrates via capillary action

  • Absorption takes place quickly to leave an invisible coating that suppresses further capillary action, dramatically reducing any chance of damp-staining, frost damage or spalling

  • Ideal for use on overhead and vertical surfaces - will not drip

  • At least four times more effective than traditional liquid water repellents

Getting your home ready for winter should not be left a moment longer. We recommend browsing our collection of weatherproofing products to ensure that the wet weather doesn’t trouble you at all. If you need help choosing exactly the right product, then our technical team are available to share their extensive knowledge with you now.

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