Bricks: The Record Breakers!

As self-isolation can be pretty boring, this edition of the Twistfix blog is designed to cheer you up: join us as we take a dive into the record books to bring you details of some weird, wild and wonderful records involving bricks...

World's Biggest Brick

At almost 3,000 times the size of a standard brick, the world's largest brick was made by ACME Brick, a company located in Texas, USA. The brick behemoth measured a whopping 2.94m in length and just under 1m in width.

World's Farthest Non-Stop Distance Walked Carrying A 4.5kg Brick

Surely one of the weirdest (not to mention most tiring!) world records is held by Paddy Doyle from Warwickshire. Starting at 2:30 am and finishing more than 18 hours later, Doyle successfully carried a 4.5kg brick over 129km without stopping.

World's Tallest Brick Structure

The unchallenged record-holder since it was built over a century ago in 1918, the Anaconda Smelter Stack in Montana, USA is the world's tallest brick structure. Constructed using almost 2.5 million individual bricks, the now-disused industrial chimney stands over 169m tall and measures more than 26m at its base.

World's Longest Elliptical Brick Arch

Located in Berkshire, the world's longest elliptical brick arch bridge crosses gracefully over the River Thames, carrying busy railway lines. The Maidenhead Railway Bridge has two elliptical brick-built arches, each with a span of 39m and a rise that is only 7m high.

Most Bricks Toppled Domino-Fashion

Over 1,300 volunteers from youth fire departments in Germany helped to set up 165,384 bricks in an unbroken line in and around the city of Bremerhaven. The bricks were then toppled in domino-rally style, earning the group a coveted place in the record books.

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