British-Made Helical Bar Products: Save up to 32%!

As part of the Twistfix 'British Made for the Building Trade' campaign, we are pleased to announce a range of special offers across our extensive range of helical bar products. The price-busting promotion is available right through March and April: here we look at some of the British-made products included...

  • All Helical Bars (excluding 100- & 480-piece multibuys) reduced by 32%
  • All Crack Stitching & Masonry Repair Kits reduced by 17%
  • Lintel/Arch Repair Kits reduced by 14%

Twistfix Heavy-Duty Helical Bars

Designed for use in bed-joint reinforcement applications which require enhanced sheer strength, Twistfix Heavy-Duty Helical Bars are made using durable, high-quality Grade 304 austenitic stainless steel. With an ultimate tensile strength of between 1050-1200N­/mm², these bars are twice as strong as conventional rebar, four times as strong as epoxy glass fibre rods and a massive seven times stronger than 7.5mm diameter spirobar.

The heavy duty bars are available in 8mm diameter, having a cross sectional area of 12.5mm2  and are sold in economical packs of five and are looped to ensure ease of transportation.

Twistfix Crack Stitching Kit

This professional kit contains everything required for efficient, cost-effective crack repair in masonry walls. Once bonded into slots made in damaged masonry, the high-tensile crack stitching bars stabilise and strengthen walls by evenly redistributing tensile forces along the full length of each stainless steel bar.

Along with the option of buying a 5 or 10 bar kit containing 6mm diameter helical bars, the Twistfix Crack Stitching Kit also includes WHO 60 specialist masonry repair grout, a helix mixer paddle, Grout-Master applicator with Hi-Flo nozzle and a finger trowel/brick jointer.

Twistfix Lintel Repair Kit

Designed for retrofit masonry reinforcement of brickwork above door and window openings, this professional system centres on a pair strong stainless steel helical re-bars which are embedded into walls with the supplied grout. Once installed, the tendons work in perfect harmony, with one carrying compression while the other acts in tension.

The reinforced lintel has a typical load-carrying capacity of 2.6 tonnes according to the tests and calculations conducted by the Building Research Establishment: click the 'related reading' tab on the product page to view the BRE report and load tables.

Discover the complete collection of discounted items on the Twistfix website, where you can also find out more details about our 'British Made for the Building Trade' campaign.

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