Builder's Metalwork – Complete Your Kit with Twistfix

Bat Straps, Flat Roof Nails and Starter Ties

The improved weather means that construction work is getting going again and so it’s time to make sure that your kit is complete with Twistfix.

Over the next couple of weeks, our news articles are going to be focusing on everything you will be needing for a successful summer so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter for all the latest details - plus attractive price discounts too! Here we look at some of the essential builder’s metalwork items available from your one-stop construction shop – Twistfix.

Bat Straps

If it’s heavy-duty you’re looking for then you have found it in the form of our hot-dipped galvanised steel bat straps, perfect for securing and restraining structural timbers in floors, roofs and walls. Two perpendicular surfaces can successfully and securely be joined using the 90° twisted bat strap, which comes complete with multiple fixing holes for the ultimate convenience and versatility. Use no. 12 woodscrews of 50mm to ensure a tight fit that will last and last – all official standards (such as BS EN 10346, BS 5268 and Building Regulations specifications, are strictly adhered to.

Available in two sizes and in packs of 10, Twistfix Bat Straps will never let you down.

Flat Roof Nails

If you’re insulating a roof using Kingspan, Ecotherm, Celotex or similar material, make sure it is properly secured using our warm roof fixings. Simply hammer in – the helical fixing will rotate and corkscrew deeply in, preventing any bouncing or splitting of timber. Made from tough stainless steel, the fixings have been expertly engineered with patented precision helixes that deliver exceptional holding power while actively resisting bending and corrosion.

SDS Flat Roof Nail Tools are also available from Twistfix.

Starter Ties

We have a comprehensive collection of these essential components in stock and ready to dispatch – whether it is Ancon ties, stainless steel ties, wall or brick ties, we have got it covered.

You can also discover why our Universal Wall Starter kit is so popular!

Get ready to construct and renovate as the summer approaches – Twistfix are right by your side.
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