Coloured Brick Repair Mortar from Twistfix

The face bricks of a building play the dual role of protecting the structure and providing an attractive visual aesthetic. Over time, these bricks can suffer damage due to weathering; replacement is an intrusive, costly and difficult process but leading building materials supplier Twistfix offer the solution in the form of coloured repair mortar.

Older buildings in particular suffer from the issue of damaged face bricks. This presents the problem of trying to source matching materials and so repairing instead of replacing is often the most appropriate option. Colour matching is an important part of the repair in order to preserve the aesthetic and Twistfix have anticipated this demand by offering a comprehensive selection of 11 colours traditionally found in brick constructions.

The method of repairing face bricks with brick-coloured repair mortar creates far less disruption than replacement and costs a great deal less as well, reducing both labour and material required. Outward appearance of the structure is immediately improved and protection increased as the specially-designed mineral-based formula restores brick surfaces leaving an invisible repair.

Colour-matching brick repair mortar from Twistfix is vapour-permeable, which means that moisture and salts can migrate freely to the brick surface. This creates lasting resistance to any salt expansion and puts a halt to the freeze/thaw process that is responsible for much of the spalling to face bricks. With unmatched bonding qualities, the sensitive mortar is fully compatible with oven-fired masonry units and is guaranteed to provide a durable repair while preserving natural aesthetics of the masonry.

Designed to facilitate efficient, accurate work, the repair mortar from Twistfix is easy to use and repairs can progress rapidly. Professional results are immediately achievable, with each colour-matched compound supplied with full instructions on how to apply for the best results.

In addition to these brick repair mortars Twistfix also supply a range of colour matching crack injection mortars for repairing cracked brickwork along with a range of permanent brick tinting dies, designed to give the perfect aesthetic results.

Twistfix is a leading supplier of a large and diverse selection of products from damp proofing solutions and insulation to a whole host of ancillary tools and materials. Coloured brick repair mortar is a recent addition to their product portfolio and further improves the company’s impressive reputation.

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