Controlling Condensation with Heat Recovery Fans

Inadequate ventilation is one of the primary reasons that properties suffer from condensation problems during the winter months; the excess moisture often leads to dampness and mould issues. While conventional extractor fans may help to remedy this issue, they detrimentally expel warm air from the indoor environment, resulting in a need for additional heating and a substantial increase in heating bills. 

A simple, cost-effective solution to this conundrum comes in the form of the Stadium HRV 150 heat recovery fan, which is available to purchase from Twistfix as part of our extensive collection of products designed expressly for condensation control. Practical and reliable, the HRV 150 provides a single-room solution, immediately rectifying severe condensation problems and preventing any recurrence. 

The difference between a traditional extractor and the HRV 150 is simple yet powerful: the latter contains two fans while the former only includes one. The first fan incorporated within the HRV 150 expels stale, moisture-laden air from inside, while the second draws fresh air inwards from outside.

The Stadium fan forces both airflows through an efficient heat exchanger, which effortlessly transmits 80% of the outgoing air's thermal energy to the incoming fresh air. The process reclaims the heat that the home would otherwise lose and thus provides dramatic savings in energy usage and costs. 

Whilst running at minimal speed, the powerful HRV 150 heat recovery fan provides consistent and constant background ventilation, reducing the humidity levels in the indoor environment to alleviate and subsequently prevent condensation issues. The unit also contains a sensitive humidistat; this device allows elevated relative humidity levels to be immediately detected, at which point the HRV 150 switches automatically to boost mode. This mode expels air loaded with water vapour rapidly, getting rid of it before it can create condensation. 

The Stadium HRV 150 heat recovery unit is a Twistfix bestseller with many five-star reviews from satisfied customers. Sold singly or in bulk packs of four units, the HRV 150 is made available to Twistfix customers with an attractive discount on the standard price. 

To learn more about the effective HRV 150 heat recovery fan, check out the Twistfix website, where you will also find details of our comprehensive range of condensation control products. Contact our skilled technical team if you have any further questions. 

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