Crack Stitching the Twistfix Way

The Twistfix Crack Stitching Kit is the perfect solution for any contractor repairing cracks in brick, block and stone walls. Containing everything required to achieve professional results every time, the kit offers incredible value for money and is one of our best-selling products.

At the heart of the crack stitching kits are our helical crack stitching bars. Fabricated from high-grade (304) stainless steel, the high-tensile precision profiled bars are strongly bonded into horizontal slots that have been pre-cut into bed joints, stitching the cracks and restoring structural integrity. The retrofit brick reinforcement solution causes minimal disruption and is permanent once installed and will continue to evenly redistribute tensile forces across the structure, guaranteeing its stability.

Crack stitching bars are a particularly popular solution to the cracks that become apparent in older buildings, thanks to the minimal level of disruption caused while installing. Also, upon completion, both the bars and the grout used to cover them will be completely concealed, retaining the original character and aesthetic of the structure.

The Twistfix Crack Stitching Kit's contents have been specially selected by experts in the field of remedial masonry work and centre around 10 helical crack stitching bars of 1 metre in length; two thicknesses are available (6mm and the stronger 8mm) to suit the project at hand. Along with these, a tub of specialist WHO-60 masonry repair grout is included in the kit, with a yield of approximately 3L of smooth, effective polymer-modified product. The grout is used in conjunction with the supplied Grout-Master applicator which features a unique Hi-Flo nozzle. To allow for ease of use, a Helix mixer paddle and brick jointer are all supplied in this comprehensive kit. A mini crack stitching kit is available for smaller jobs.

All kits are available singly at a most competitive price or, to further enhance their cost effectiveness, in wholesale packs of 6 or 12. Please contact us for details regarding larger orders.

For more information on our range of crack stitching solutions for brick, block and stone walls, please contact us on 0845 123 6006 or email

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