Cracks in the Brick? Repair them Quick!

Cracks in walls above windows are a problem experienced by many householders after having new windows installed. The old frame, which may have fortuitously doubled as a lintel, is removed to facilitate the double glazing. The brickwork then settles onto the lightweight frame as it sags and cracks.  The Brick Arch Repair Kit provides everything required to reinforce weakened brick arches, lintels and soldier courses.  

These masonry crack repairs need to be strong and durable.  The brick reinforcement comprises four 3.5m helical bars formed from high-tensile 304-grade stainless steel which are bedded into walls.  The bar and grout combination works with the adjacent brick courses, forming a reinforced brick beam lintel that supports and redistributes loads. In walls up to 230mm thick the deep masonry beams can carry a factored load of 2.6 tonnes over openings up to 2.5m wide.  Two bars are inserted into a pre-cut slot, forming the bottom chord of the reinforced beam, a second pair of bars forming the top chord.  Between these bars, the masonry forms the web of the beam.

The brick headers are securely pinned to the newly-created reinforced brick lintel with retrofit brick ties.  Six 305mm-long helical wall ties are supplied in the Twistfix Brick Arch Repair Kit along with an essential wall tie setting tool.  These patented self-tapping ties, driven through undersized pilot-holes, effectively securing brick arches and soldier courses to the reinforced masonry panels above them.

This comprehensive kit is incredibly popular due to its versatility.  It can be used to repair and reinforce sagging lintels and cracked walls or can be used as a preventative measure to strengthen the brickwork prioir to window replacemeent.  Supplied with the helical bars and remedial brick ties is a large tub of WHO 60 masonry repair grout, a Grout-Master applicator with innovative Hi-Flo nozzle, a Helix mixer paddle and a finger trowel.  A specification sheet, quick guide and vital BRE load tables for masonry beam reinforcement are available on the Twistfix website and we recommend examining these documents thoroughly prior to using the kit to repair cracks in the wall.

To complete the structural repairs to a professional standard the cracks should be filled to seal against water penetration and the damp which that may cause.  Why not take a look at our extensive range of brick-coloured crack injection solutions.

If you require further information or advice on any aspect of masonry reinforcement, crack repair, crack stitching or remedial wall ties, please browse our detailed online guides or contact a member of our experienced and professional team.

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