Customer Comments and Reviews Are So Important to Us!

It is always nice when we receive positive comments regarding our products, services and delivery. Twistfix supply a range of products aimed at the construction and refurbishment industries but also at your everyday home owner.

When a customer selects a product or a number of our products we do our upmost to ensure that these are delivered as soon as possible to them and so they get what they need quite quickly. We have a range of delivery options in order to suit the customer and if you spend over £200 excluding VAT then standard delivery is FREE.

Most recently we were amused by a comment left by Steve Steele, “The materials I ordered arrived at 9.30am this morning! Thank you for the excellent service and the FREE gift which was supplied with my order. However I now have another job to do and cannot use the excuse that I am waiting for my stuff to arrive!” it would seem there is just no pleasing some people –jokes aside we would like to wish Steve all the best with his additional job and look forward to dealing with him in the future.

We do receive a number of comments in regards to our prompt delivery but we also receive a number of product specific comments too. Recently we supplied Jo Quarterman of GQ and Sons Roofing Ltd who are based in Slough with a Hedgehog Gutter Guard and she couldn’t be more pleased “thank you for such a prompt and efficient service, we have added your shop details to our file and will definitely be doing further business with you.” Recently with the high winds and debris flying all over our Hedgehog Gutter Guards has been a popular purchase for everyday homeowners who want to keep their drains free from blockages but also for use with contactors too.

It is so annoying for our customers when they have ordered supplies and are midway through the job when they realise that they do not have enough of something or they have missed something off their order. This was the case with Roger Cauthery from London who ordered a few tubes of our Dampcure Damp Proofing Cream and thought he would have enough. He almost did but he would just need one more tube to complete the job. He had to order this from us and we delivered this to him as speedy as possible, “I received the extra tube first thing in the morning which meant I could complete my job. Thanks a lot for the great service provided.”

If you have ordered and purchased a product from Twistfix then why not leave us a message or leave your thoughts on a product within the review tab on our individual product pages.  Alternatively checkout Google Reviews for an independent assesment of our customer satisfaction record.

We love hearing what our customers have to say about our products and services so that we are then in a position to improve them further. Your comments and suggestions are so valuable to us in order to ensure that we are providing the best service possible.

For more information then please contact us on 0845 123 6006 or email

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