Damp Proof Coatings: British Made for the Building Trade

Twistfix is a specialist supplier of damp proofing products from waterproofing membrane to comprehensive home ventilation systems. There is also a selection of damp proofing paints and coatings available which, proudly manufactured right here in the UK, feature prominently in the Twistfix 'British Made for the Building Trade' campaign.

The Twistfix range of damp proofing paints and coatings includes:

No More Damp EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System

This effective floor coating system comes in two parts: an epoxy primer and an epoxy finish coat. First, the clear primer soaks deeply into the substrate, blocking the pores and thus improving the substrate's adhesive qualities. The finish coat, available in either Clear or Grey, is then applied to the floor to create a clean, durable and waterproof finishes.

Suitable for almost any concrete or wood floor, the versatile No More Damp EP40 Epoxy Floor Coating System can be used in a wide variety of environments, from schools and hospitals to warehouses, showrooms, garages food preparation areas. The formula is even robust enough for use in industrial plants and for areas in direct contact with vehicles such as forklifts and heavy lorries.

Technoseal DPM Damp Proofing Paint

A quick-drying, multi-purpose damp proofing paint that delivers an effective damp proof membrane (DPM) when correctly used, Technoseal DPM can be quickly and easily applied to any sound masonry using a standard brush or roller. The solvent-free liquid DPM formula, which can be used with equal success for both above- and below- ground applications, is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous.

More information about our full range of damp proof coatings, along with details of the Twistfix 'British Made for the Building Trade' campaign, can be found on our website.

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