Damp Proofing Cream: This Month's Special Offer

Permeable masonry walls are vulnerable to rising damp, whereby ground water rises via capillary action through the pores in the masonry. A chemical damp proof course (DPC) can help to remedy or prevent the process of rising damp and this is achieved with the use of high-quality DPC cream.

Dampcure DPC cream from Twistfix is specifically designed to be introduced into the mortar joints of a building, delivering a reliable chemical DPC. The unique silicone formula is made using a unique emulsification process that allivietes the need for thickening agents: this formula is injected directly into holes in the mortar bed (preferably at perp-end joints), which have been pre-drilled at regular intervals.

From the most convenient side for access, solid brick walls can be thus drilled and injected to a depth that incorporates up to 90% of the wall's thickness; the cream should be dispensed to fill the hole to within 1cm of the wall's surface. In the case of a cavity wall, both the outer and inner skins should be treated independently, with a chemical DPC formed in each by drilling and injecting both sides.

Walls affected by rising damp will have an excessive accumulation of chlorides and nitrates, which remain in the old plaster after the brickwork has dried; these contaminates have the capacity to absorb moisture from the air.  Therefore, it is essential that the surrounding wall plaster is replaced (otherwise the treatment will not fully comply with BS6576: 2005 (Code of practice for installation of chemical damp-proof courses).

Once a chemical DPC has been formed using Dampcure Damp Proofing Cream from Twistfix, the walls can be replastered after a drying out period of at least two weeks.  Alternatively the brickwork can be lined with a suitable air-gap membrane that allows decorative finishes to be applied immediately whilst the wall dries behind the waterproof barrier.

Dampcure Damp Proofing Cream from Twistfix is supplied in various pack sizes: this includes the popular pack of twelve 380ml tubes, which is currently available at a reduced price from Twistfix. To allow you to figure out exactly how much cream you need for a particular job, try our handy online calculator free.

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