Damp Proofing Membrane News

Twistfix have noted a sharp rise in the sales of its dimpled damp proofing membrane for use after chemical DPC injection or following flood damage.  The slimline membrane provides a physical barrier between the damp or drying wall and the internal plastered surfaces, allowing decoration and habitation to take place within the drying out-period

The robust membrane is manufactured from high density polyethylene with 3mm studs to create continuous ventilation channels, allowing underlying substrate to drain and breathe.  It has a welded mesh face for direct & immediate application of various plaster finishes or adhesive dabs for plasterboard.

The Twistfix damp proofing membrane is available in 1 meter high rolls. "It has become a great favourite of damp proofing professionals" says technical manager Ray Evans "they simply roll the membrane along the wall, fixing as they go, and the walls are ready for making good immediately."

Damp Proof Membrne features:

  • Handy sized 1 meter high rolls
  • Impervious barrier between wall & plastered finishes
  • Permits direct application of plaster/ drywall
  • Easy, quick & reliable
  • 100% effective against damp penetration

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