Damp Proofing: The All Cure Total Kit

There is lots of damp proofing work currently available to professional builders and so it's the ideal time to stock up on all of the essential materials you're going to need. Twistfix supply a comprehensive range of damp proofing products, one of which is the All Cure Total Damp Treatment Kit.

The All Cure Total Damp Treatment Kit is used to treat damp walls that are above the level of the ground. As suggested by the name, this product can be used to successfully treat all kinds of damp, its 3-in-1 formula stopping rising damp in its tracks, blocking penetrating damp and reducing condensation, which is the leading cause of the issue.

The All Cure Total kit includes six damp injection cream cartridges, which together contain sufficient formula to treat ten linear metres of solid wall or cavity brickwork.  Also included is 10m of mesh membrane which is 1m high: this membrane features 3mm air-gap studs, providing a physical barrier against penetrating damp caused by high pavements of blocked cavities, protecting plastered finishes.

A nylon mesh is incorporated on one face, allowing for plaster or dot-and-dab dry lining to be directly applied. The result is a warmer wall surface, which will better resist the formation of condensation.

There are lots of how-to guides available from Twistfix so check out our website and YouTube channel.

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