Don't be STUMPED by this One Common Problem

Roundup Pro-Biactive

Old or large trees can cause several problems to nearby properties and sometimes the only solution is for them to be felled. This does not kill the tree however and preventing regrowth can be an expensive and time-consuming issue, requiring the repeated application of a herbicide tree stump killer. Ecoplug Max® is a simple, highly-effective way to control regrowth of the target tree stump, carries zero risk of water pollution and has no adverse effect on surrounding trees.

The patented Ecoplug Max® application uses glyphosate in granular form as its active ingredient. Glyphosate works by travelling through the tree's nutrient system, preventing the production of amino acids essential to the life of the tree and killing the entire root system. 300mg of the powerful chemical is encased in each nylon plug, which is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the tree stump requiring treatment. A custom drill-bit is used to create the hole before the plug is inserted and hit home with a hammer, releasing the glyphosate. This creates a seal in the cut stump which means the use of Ecoplug Max® is not dependent on dry weather.

Ecoplug Max® offers significant savings in comparison with standard herbicide treatments as just a single treatment is required. The system is also designed to be extremely safe to use as the encapsulation of the chemicals eliminates the risks of spillage, incorrect dosage, operator exposure and water pollution. Of course, all users of this product should be qualified and be familiar with the rules set out in The Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 (FEPA) and Control of Pesticide Regulations 1986 (COPR).

This highly effective system delivers 95-100% control of treated cut stumps, It can be used year-round to control a wide variety of tree species including cherry, maple, lime, elm, beech, rhododendron, willow, oak, poplar, mountain ash, aspen, beech, alder and more. So if you need to know how to kill tree stumps and root systems ask your arborist about Ecoplug Max.

Twistfix are proud suppliers of Ecoplug Max® as part of our extensive range of grounds maintenance products including our best selling Japanese Knotweed treatment; Roundup Pro-Biactive. For more information and advice on Ecoplug Max®, please contact our dedicated team.

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