DPC Injection Cream-Damp Cure-3PK

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Damp Cure injection cream is solvent free, ecologically safe and  a non hazardous damp proofing injection cream.

The damp proofing cream is injected through a supplied nozzle into the mortar bed  via a series of 12 mm holes drilled to 90% of the wall thickness at intervals of 100 - 120 mm apart.

Curing starts immediately with the final cure takind 2-6 weeks depending on the wall thickness.

Damp Cure is formulated without non-active thickening agents to produce an 100% effective and highly active DPC cream.

Damp Cure has been independently tested by the British Board of Agrement and has a full BBA certificate.

Coverage rate of 3 x 380ml tubes = 5.7 lm of a double leaf brickwork wall.

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