Dynamic Driveways: Ancillaries for use with Jouplast Paving Risers

A driveway is an extremely important feature of any property, designed so that any vehicles that are parked upon it are kept in their best condition. In addition to this crucial task, the driveway must also be safe for people to walk on. Finally, the driveway should have an attractive aesthetic that complements, enhances and harmonises with the overall appearance of the property it serves. 

A major aspect of ensuring that all three of these purposes are fulfilled is that the driveway is entirely level, stable and well-supported. All of these qualities can be achieved with the use of a single type of product: paving risers from the leading Jouplast brand. 

While Jouplast paving risers alone can provide a driveway with all of the necessary support required to deliver stability and levelness, there are also several Jouplast accessories that can be used to further enhance both its practical and aesthetic functions. These accessories are also available to purchase from Twistfix and include:   

Jouplast Gravel Support Mat
Many homeowners choose to augment their driveways with gravel. To make this method more successful, Jouplast have created Alvepac gravel stabilisation tiles which effectively ensure that the gravel is retained, resulting in a perfect finish. The Jouplast gravel support mat incorporates a permanently-bonded geotextile membrane and is designed to allow the rapid drainage of rainwater in order to prevent puddling and water damage to the driveway. 

Jouplast Edging Strip
Delima edging strips from Jouplast allow the user to seamlessly separate different kinds of landscaping materials in order to create beautifully-defined areas (such as flowerbeds, paths and grassed areas) around the driveway. Manufactured using only recycled polyolefin (an extremely robust type of thermoplastic), the strips are cut to the required length before being used to create any desired shape, be it clean geometric lines or sweeping curves.

The strips are of a subtle grey colour and utilise a unique jointing system; together, these properties ensure that they blend in perfectly with any environment. Each purchase includes two strips (each measuring 1.2 metres in length) along with the eight anchoring stakes necessary for secure installation.    

Jouplast Side Finishing Plate
In some applications, it is necessary to use slabs around a driveway's perimeter or lay them up flush to nearby walls, necessitating extra support and stability. These side finishing plates, laid directly onto the heads of Jouplast paving risers, can provide this while still allowing cables and pipes to be laid underneath without causing any obstruction. 

Please visit the individual product pages on the Twistfix website for full details and to purchase.  

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