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The Summer holiday season has arrived, bringing with it plenty of sunshine and high temperatures, not to mention the occasional downpour! All plants thrive in these conditions though some are much less welcome than others. As well as being unsightly, some weeds such as the notorious Japanese knotweed are extremely invasive and can cause all sorts of problems.

Here at Twistfix, we supply a comprehensive selection of professional products designed to combat the growth of weeds. This edition of our blog showcases some of the bestsellers from the collection.

Roundup Provantage 480

This advanced, concentrated formula contains 25% more glyphosate than Roundup Pro Bio, making it without doubt the very best product on the market for long-term controlling of the growth of perennial, annual and broad-leaved weeds. Extremely versatile, Roundup Provantage 480 can be used in a wide variety of non-crop areas like paths, driveways, patios, roadsides, industrial sites and along walls and fences. It is also perfect for clearing up weed-infested ground prior to sowing and planting.

Glyphosate works by blocking the enzyme system of weeds, killing them and preventing regrowth. As plant enzymes are not present in other forms of life like humans, birds, fish and other animals, glyphosate is extremely safe to use and does not affect anything other than green plants. The concentrated formula allows large areas to be treated in an efficient and highly cost-effective manner. Sold for professional use only.

Tree Stump & Root Killer Plugs

Containing 300mg of granular glyphosate, each nylon eco-plug capsule is designed to kill the entire root system of targeted trees. When inserted, the plug releases its load of glyphosate, which is then carried to the root system. Once there, the formula prevents the roots from forming amino acids crucial to growth. Though extremely powerful and effective, this method of delivery has no damaging effect on surrounding vegetation.

Using the plugs is easy and quick. First, a calibrated drill bit is used to drill holes into the tree stump. The eco-plug capsule is then placed into the hole before being struck with a hammer, releasing the potent glyphosate into the stump, where it rapidly takes effect. Sold for professional use only.

Check out the Twistfix website to discover our complete collection of professional weed control solutions.

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