Enhance Your Properties Thermal Performance

Did you know that you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money by using Foil insulation – Ecoflex from Twistfix?

The Ecoflex Foil Insulation is a BRE certified reflective foil insulation that reduces heat loss via infra-red reflective surfaces. This is a high performance bubble foil insulation and vapour barrier having low emissivity air spaces to enhance thermal performance.

The foil insulation is remarkably versatile and extremely useful in many different circumstances.

Its many uses consist of:

Loft Insulation Booster

Reduces heat loss in winter-saves money
Reduces heat build up in summer leaving a cooler home
Stops dust and debris blowing across the loft area leaving a cleaner storage area

Caravan Insulation

This is fast and easy to fit
It can reduce heat build up in summer and retains the heat in Winter
Furthermore it reduces condensation thus stopping any mould

Garage door Insulation

Ideal for integral garages as it saves the heat escaping through the garage door

Flooring Insulation

Light, simple and easy to fit
This works by stopping draughts coming up through the floor
Faster heat up times as the heat is being retained
Can be used on timber suspended or concrete floors

Wall insulation

Reduces heat build up in summer and retains the heat in winter
Reduces condensation and stops mould

Greenhouse Insulation

Keeping plants inside warm and insulated so that they can be allowed to grow.

Radiator Insulation

Heat your rooms not your walls
Faster room heating
Reflective performance increases the radiator output

Cellar Insulation

Light simple fast and easy to fit
Equivalent to 60mm of mineral wool
Stops draughts coming up through the floor
More of the heat is retained

When used in lofts, walls or caravans it is equivalent to using 60mm of mineral wool. For floors and cellar ceilings it is equivalent to using 50mm of polystyrene. Behind radiators and greenhouses it is equivalent to 30mm of polysterene. The High performance Insulation is available in 1.25m x 25m rolls (30m2). Twistfix also supply an innovative range of retrofit solid wall insulation solutions.

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