Epoxy Resin Injection: Our Comprehensive Range of Systems & Products

Nine decades ago in 1934, German chemist Paul Schlack discovered the 'condensation of epoxides and amines', leading to the discovery of epoxy resin which he subsequently patented. His work was built upon by the Swiss chemist Pierre Castan and today there are many different types of this crucial component available to suit different applications.

Here at Twistfix, we offer a wide range of epoxy resin building adhesives and related accessories, which are used to facilitate an equally wide range of applications from fixing masonry anchors securely in place to effectively sealing cracks in brick walls. This collection includes: 

Epoxy Resin Injection SystemConstruction-Chemicals
Highly-rated by Twistfix customers, our Epoxy Resin Injection System is a non-shrink anchor adhesive designed for use with brick and concrete structures. The odourless, solvent-free formula can be injected with equal success into wet, dry and diamond-drilled holes, even if they are submerged in water.

The WRAS-approved product is supplied in a side-by-side cartridge which, containing 400ml of epoxy resin, features an integral self-mixing nozzle. To apply the resin, you need to use a dual-piston applicator gun which can be purchased separately from Twistfix. 

WHO-60 Polymer Modified Masonry Repair Mortar48--tubs-WHO60
The versatile crack stitching grout has been extensively tested at the BRE and is guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance when used as a brick slip adhesive or for bonding helical reinforcement bars into stone, block and brick walls. Comprising a liquid component and a polymeric/­cement resin powder which are mixed together, the WHO-60 system creates a smooth, cohesive formula that provides the best bond strength to both the stainless steel bars and the masonry itself. 

WHO-60 specialist masonry grout is easily applied using either a trowel or a high-quality mortar gun. The product is available to purchase from Twistfix in single tubs or as a cost-effective bulk pack of 48 tubs. 

For more details about our complete range of epoxy resins and polimeric mortars, please browse the Twistfix website. If you need further information or advice, get in touch with a member of our expert technical team who will be more than happy to provide it. If you would like to receive news, updates, exclusive discounts and much more from Twistfix, please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter

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