Exclusive: Special Offers on Damp Proofing Cream

Whatever the season, one thing is guaranteed in the UK Climate: rain. This increases the level of ground water and necessitates a damp proofing course in many structures (a physical damp proofing course is a waterproof layer built into wall bases to prevent absorption of this groundwater). Where this damp proofing course is missing or otherwise rendered ineffective, damp proofing cream can be injected to prevent rising damp; Twistfix supply a wide range of damp proofing creams, all of which are currently available with attractive price reductions.

Damp proof courses can be rendered ineffective in a number of ways, including:

  • Paving, concrete or soil being located at a level whereby the damp proof course (DPC) is bridged
  • Mortar pointing or render coats being extended across the DPC
  • Wall cavities becoming blocked and building up to a higher level than the layer of waterproof material
  • Alterations to the building that break the continuity of the DPC; this continuity can also be broken by structural movement

Twistfix damp proofing creams are BBA Approved and deliver many benefits, including:

  • Quick, simple and effective installation. Injection cream is installed up to a full 4 times faster than high-pressure injection systems; after injection, the powerful water-repelling cream percolates along mortar beds, lining capillary pores and preventing rising damp
  • Clean, safe handling. The creams carry no hazard classification and so hassle-free disposal of containers is possible. The consistency means that there is no risk of spillage or mess
  • Competitive price. No special equipment is necessary and even more value can be gained by choosing one of our complete kits

Twistfix are market leaders in the supply of damp proofing products and our expert team can also provide clear, competent technical advice. Call our helpline today for all the information you need. Order NOW to take advantage of our price reductions!

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