Flat Roof Fixing Range Extended for 185mm Insulation Boards

Twistfix have launched a 220mm long insulation fixing for warm roof decks.  The extended 220mm flat roof fixing permits the use of insulated ply decking up to 185mm thick

The Insofast 18 range, which now comes in 4 lengths, has an 18mm dome-strengthened head and a helical shank.  When hammer driven the fastener corkscrews through the insulated plywood or OSB composite and into the joists.

The 220mm fixing is only available in stainless steel, which offers a 80% reduction in cold bridging, compared to zinc plated Suretwist fixings due to a CSA measuring just 9mm2 and due to stainless steel being 4 times less conductive than galvanized carbon steel. Additionally stainless insulation fasteners offer vastly superior protection against the corrosion potential of interstitial condensation.

Insofast 18 flat roof insulation fasteners are installed at fixing centres of 600 x 400, offering a further 18% saving in nailing and cold bridging potential.

Twistfix Flat Roof Insulation Fixings features: 

  • Extended range catering for 85-185mm insulation board
  • Slender helical design with CSA of just 9mm2
  • 80% less cold bridging than zinc plated Suretwist
  • Reduced densities represents18% labour saving
  • Rapid SDS driving tool available
  • Easy, quick & reliable
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel

Twistfix offers a huge choice of fasteners for fixing insulation to roofs, ceilings and walls

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