Fiba-Pol: A Rapid, Reliable Solution to Leaky Roofs!

With forecasts from the Met Office predicting lots of heavy rainfall over the coming months, it's essential that both trade professionals and DIYers have a fast, reliable way to repair leaky roofs. Even a small leak can result in damage that can be costly and time-consuming to remediate so make sure that you're ready to seal any leaks by stocking up on Fiba-Pol roof sealant paint!

Without a doubt, Fiba-Pol is the most efficient and reliable roofing repair coating that money can buy. From the moment it is applied, this superlative product produces a lasting waterproof coating that seals leaks in roofs, preventing any damage to internal finishes.

Fiba-Pol is designed to be especially versatile and can be used to seal leaks in flat roofs, roof lights, valleys, gutters and lead bays. It can be applied with equal effectiveness to all kinds of roofing materials, including concrete, asbestos, felt, metal, asphalt, slate and more.

The innovative formula of Fiba-Pol elastomeric roof sealant paint incorporates added fibres that enhance its ability to repair the leaking and cracked roof materials. These fibres also work to improve the sealant's flexural strength, allowing the waterproof coating to flex with the thermal movements that occur naturally within the roofing material, without any negative impact on performance.

An added benefit of Fiba-Pol roof sealant paint is that it can be used while rain is falling and still provide an instant waterproof seal. The formula will not wash off while the curing process takes place, even in the occurrence of ponding.

Coloured with a dark grey, Fiba-Pol roof sealing paint is quickly and easily applied using a standard brush or spatula. In the majority of cases, only one coat of paint is required without any need for primer. Fiba-Pol is supplied in convenient 5kg tins; on average, each square metre of the surface will require 1-2kg of product for adequate coverage.

The RRP of a 5kg tin of Fiba-Pol roof sealant paint is £78.48. As always here at Twistfix, we offer our products at heavily discounted prices and you will pay just £40.80 per 5kg tin of Fiba-Pol, fully inclusive of VAT.

Find out more details about Fiba-Pol roof sealant paint and read 5-star customer reviews on the dedicated product page.

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