Fighting the Floods: Protection & Restoration

The heavy rainfall that hit much of the UK this week has caused serious flood damage in many areas. The floods follow barely 6 weeks after the UK's last bout of severe rainfall which resulted in hundreds of people being evacuated from Whaley Bridge and surrounding areas after the dam at Todbrook Reservoir was compromised.

Flooding causes serious damage to properties and, the longer the water is there, the more damage it causes. It's therefore essential to drain flooded properties as swiftly as practically possible and the Flood Pump from Twistfix, supplied as part of a comprehensive kit, is one of the best ways to achieve this.

The Flood Pump Kit from Twistfix contains a fully submersible, fully automatic pump of professional quality, designed to quickly and easily drain flooded properties. With a capability of discharging up to 10,000 litres of water an hour (a remarkable 155 litres per minute), the pump can be used in properties with floodwater between 40mm and 110mm in depth.

Also included in the comprehensive kit is an extended discharge hose of 20m in length, complete with a fuss-free quick-fix connector. A filtered tank with integral lid is supplied and the versatile pump can operate within this for extra protection or independently as necessary. Every component included in the kit is supplied with an absolute guarantee of quality, ensuring robustness, reliability and total efficiency.

As well as being a restorative device, the Flood Pump from Twistfix can be used as a preventative: simply store the pump beneath suspended timber floors and it will automatically activate in the presence of water from rising water table levels.

The Flood Pump Kit is just one of the many professional products supplied by Twistfix that are designed to facilitate structural waterproofing, flood prevention and flood restoration. Discover the full range on our website.

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