Flood Pump Kit: Why wait until it's too late?

Storm Bella recently swept through the UK, leaving devastation in its wake. Many thousands of people were forced to spend Christmas in temporary accommodation due to severe flooding. Storm Christoph is the latest weather system expected to sweep across England and Wales, bringing more heavy rain and widespread flooding on already saturated and snowy ground.

The first thoughts of dealing with floodwater usually come after a flood event, but why wait until it's too late?  Flooding causes major damage to a property, with the level of damage increasing the longer that floodwater remains. Draining floodwater from properties as soon as possible is therefore crucial. Twistfix proudly supplies a comprehensive collection of flood remediation products, including our bestselling Flood Pump Kit.

At the heart of our popular Flood Pump Kit is a reliable pump, which is entirely automatic and can be fully-submerged without affecting its performance. Simple to operate, this powerful pump can discharge 2.77 litres of floodwater every second it is operating, equating to 166 litres of floodwater per minute, which is a massive 10,000 litres an hour. It is designed to be used to remove floodwater with a minimum depth of just 40mm.

Also included in our cost-effective Floor Pump Kit is an extra-long discharge hose measuring 20m in length, which is also equipped with a quick-fix connector for the most rapid operation. A filtered, lidded tank is also provided; the pump operates within this tank for enhanced protection or can be used independently if necessary. Each and every component that makes up the Flood Pump Kit is guaranteed to be of superlative quality, offering reliable, professional results.

An added bonus to the flood pump is that it can be used as a preventative device, especially useful for properties that are vulnerable to rising levels of the water table. By simply storing the pump between suspended floors, it offers full peace-of-mind. When the pump detects water, it will automatically activate, mitigating the potential for damage and loss caused by flooding.

The Twistfix Flood Pump Kit is just one of the flood protection products we supply. Discover the complete collection on our website.

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