Forget Floods — Say Hello to Hydrosnake!

Humans have fought a constant battle with the elements throughout our existence and hardly any more so than with the rain and then the floods that follow. As is our genius, we keep coming up with new ways to deal with whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us and the Hydrosnake, along with our very own professional Flood Pump Kit, are particularly fine examples of our infallible ingenuity and resilience.

Hydrosnake Flood Defence Barrier

The traditional method for holding back floodwater is the sandbag. If you have ever tried to move one of these, you will know just how heavy and cumbersome they are, as well as being dirty, dangerous and not always that effective. Hydrosnake replaces the sandbag at a stroke, bringing with it a host of features and benefits into the bargain.

  • Each Hydrosnake will quickly and easily absorb a massive 20 litres when simply laid down in the path of floodwater, acting as a strong, effective barrier at the same time. Containing super-absorbent polymers that crystallise and expand immediately on contact with water, the Hydrosnake easily holds up to 40 times its own weight in water and retains its bulk for several months

  • A low weight (less than half a kilogram when completely dry) and intelligently-designed shape (capable of folding nearly flat) that can be folded or stacked as required means the Hydrosnake can be moved quickly and effortlessly to where it’s needed most - ideal in an emergency when time is of the essence

  • Placed together, a series of Hydrosnakes can allow for the safe and efficient directing and channelling of floodwater to where it cannot cause as much damage

  • Hydrosnakes are kind to the environment and disposal is as quick as slitting the pads and allowing the non-toxic contents to drain harmlessly away

Twistfix Flood Pump Kit

Properties that have become severely flooded need even more power and this is where our comprehensive Flood Pump Kit comes in. Comprising a fully-submersible pump, extended discharge hose and filter tank including lid, our kit is also loaded with convenient, reliable features.

  • Simple to operate yet extremely fast and powerful, the pump has a 166 litres per minute discharge capacity and can be operated independently or within the supplied filter tank

  • A quick-fix connector on the hose means not even a split second is wasted in setup

  • Manual and Automatic function are both provided so you can suit the individual application. For homes in areas with a high water table, which often causes flooding beneath suspended floors, our flood pump can be simply set to automatic and stored away out of sight, from where it will continue to perform effectively and with very little maintenance

This month has already got off to a wet start and more is predicted to be on its way soon so don’t get caught out - make sure you have the right flood protection products waiting and ready to deploy. Contact us today and allow us to put a bespoke package together for you.

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