Grand Designs Live 2011: The Review

After an exciting and extremely busy weekend at the Grand Designs Live Show in Birmingham we can safely say that iit was an event well worth attending.

Twistfix were surprised with the interest which was generated surrounding our stand, B54!

The new models of the insulation fixings were proving to be the most popular items on the stand.  With us taking along various demonstartion pieces to show the fasteners securing insulation to walls, roofs and ceilings, the visitors were able to clearly see the anchors in the working models.

Other popular items included basement waterproofing membranes which are proven to keep basements dry and free from damp. We were lucky enough to have Andrew Latimer with us from Basement Living who was on hand to offer our visitors expert knowledge surrounding this product.

Furthermore our crack stitching kits really drew in some interest; these are used to repair cracks in walls and cracked masonry. We supply the standard kit and the heavy duty kit for those cracks requiring higher shear strength in the repair design.

Similar to our crack stitching kits our remedial wall ties were another helical product which seemed popular with the trade visitors. Used for cavity wall tie replacement and brick pinning people were extremely impressed with the speed of installation and with the way the ties interlocked with the brick units to provide such great support.

Another product which was popular for many visitors and generated a lot of interest was our selection of damproofing creams which are proven to be highly effective at treating rising damp and penetrating damp.

In total the entire event had 500 exhibitors; we were lucky enough to be one of those! It was a great opportunity for all those who attended to bring along their project plans and gain free advice from experts within the industry as well as take a look at some of the industries cutting edge and leading products.

For more information about any of our products or any other queries you may have then please contact us on 0845 1236007 or email

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