Stop Condensation with Heat Recovery Ventilators

In the construction and renovation trades, the months between October and April are commonly referred to as 'condensation season'. Though the air around us always contains a certain amount of water vapour, making condensation a year-round issue, it is during the colder part of the year that its occurrence becomes much more likely. 

There are several reasons for this, starting with the fact that cold air has a higher relative humidity level than warm. People begin using their heating or turning on their fire more often, increasing the temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors. In addition, drying clothes outdoors becomes impossible; as clothes dry indoors, they add more moisture to the air and exacerbate the problem. 

Perhaps the biggest contributor to condensation levels in modern homes is a lack of ventilation. The requirement to adhere to Building Regulations means that structures must today be more energy-efficient: things like central heating, closed-off chimneys and sealed double glazing have their advantages but they also prevent air flowing through the structure, taking excess water vapour with it. 

One of the most effective ways to control humidity levels (and thus condensation problems) inside a property is the heat recovery ventilation method. Heat recovery systems are designed to fulfill two processes: expelling stale air laden with water vapour while bringing in clean, fresh air from the outdoors. As this occurs within the heat recovery unit, a powerful heat exchange fan efficiently transfers heat from the outgoing air to that which is coming in: this process recovers as much as 80% of heat energy that would otherwise be wasted. 

Twistfix is a proud supplier of the Stadium HRV 150 heat recovery ventilator fan, which are proven to be a highly-effective solution to even the most severe condensation problems. In standard conditions, running continuously at a low speed allows the heat recovery units to provide constant, consistent background ventilation. Each unit is equipped with a sensitive humidistat (a device that measures humidity); when high levels of water vapour are detected in the air, the heat recovery fan automatically switches to its 'boost' setting, quickly and efficiently expelling the humid air. 

The Stadium HRV 150 heat exchange fan is available to purchase from Twistfix as a single unit at the competitive price of £396.00 including VAT. To enhance cost-effectiveness for professional contractors, we also offer a bulk pack containing four of the reliable heat recovery units; priced at just £1,497.60 including VAT, this multipack will save you over £86.00 as compared to buying four single units. 

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