Heavy Duty Crack Repair Kit

Builders and refurbishment specialists now have a wider choice when it comes to wall crack repair systems.  The introduction of a heavy duty crack stitching kit option compliments the standard kits and enables users to select the most appropriate repair pack for a specific application.

Conventional crack stitching bars are high tensile helical rods having a 6mm diameter.  Slots are cut along the mortar joints and a polymer modified masonry repair grout is used to bond the bars across the cracks at regular intervals.  This retrofit reinforcement system has for more than 20 years proven to be an extremely effective method of stitching tensile cracks in brickwork, 

The 8mm Twistfix rods contain over 25% more stainless steel than competing 8 mm helical bars and 60% more than the standard 6 mm products. This extra strength is the reinforcement provides much greater resilience to cracking derived from sheer loads in masonry.

Often used to repair cracks in stone walls the more robust heavy duty bars are the choice of the professionals for heavy duty wall crack repairs.

Twistfix Heavy-Duty Crack Stitching Kits include:

  • 10 x stainless steel helical bars 8 mm x 1000 mm
  • 1 x 3L tub of WHO 60 masonry repair grout
  • 1 x Grout-Master applicator with Hi-Flo nozzle
  • 1 x Helix mixer paddle
  • 1 x Finger trowel

Twistfix offers a huge choice of masonry repair products to for brick, block and stone walls

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