How to Beat Condensation Season with Twistfix

Condensation season brings misery to thousands of homeowners around the country, as well as to landlords and businesses. This is the second of a special two-part article focusing on the issue and offering a range of ways to negate it.

Reducing condensation means reducing the amount of water vapour in the air and this can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • Not using radiators to dry laundry. Although the weather during winter means drying clothes outside isn’t always possible, using radiators to do so is one of the worst contributors to airborne water vapour in the home, often easily doubling the level. Clothes should be dried in a properly-vented tumble-dryer if possible but, if using a radiator is the only option, one should be chosen in a dedicated room that can be isolated from the rest of the house and well ventilated.

  • Keeping doors closed. This is particularly important for the rooms that cause the most moisture i.e. the bathroom and kitchen. Moisture is hindered from spreading around the property when the doors are kept firmly closed and seals should be regularly checked to ensure efficiency.

  • Providing ventilation. Allowing warm, moisture-laden air to escape is essential in reducing condensation and can be achieved by simply opening a window. If this is not possible, a vent or extractor could be the solution.

  • Controlling temperature. Maintain steady heating levels for longer periods of time is preferable to causing temperature extremes as this warms the building’s fabric instead of just the air within it.

We supply a wide range of products designed to enhance the efficiency of your home at controlling condensation. These include:

  • Positive Input Ventilators - keep the air flowing with these quality items

  • Heat Recovery Units - lower your bills and carbon footprint while experiencing a warmer, more comfortable home

  • Anti-Condensation Paints - choose from this range, apply and enjoy the benefits immediately

  • Mould Control - from fungicidal paint additives to complete, professional mould removal kits, we have everything to help you combat damaging, unsightly and unhealthy mould problems

Please browse our collection of anti-condensation products and contact us now if you are concerned about condensation issues in your property.

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