Dry-seal Water Repellent for Brick and Stone

Porous masonry, such as concrete, bricks and natural stone, is particularly vulnerable to the absorption of water and pollutants, which can result in problems with dampness and other structural issues such as frost and salt damage. To prevent such issues, Twistfix recommends using Dry-Seal masonry water repellent cream, a signature product from the leading waterproofing brand Wykamol. 

Dry-Seal waterproofer is ideal for all porous masonry structures, from bridges to building facades. The unique thixotropic formula boasts many advantages over conventional liquid products. A single application works to achieve desired loadings and deliver maximum effectiveness. 

From the moment of application, the silane cream begins to penetrate deeply into the microscopic capillary pores of the substrate. The repellent strongly suppresses capillary suction, dramatically reducing any potential for spalling, damp staining and attack by frost. In addition, the treated substrate is well protected from chloride attack from de-icing or marine salts, substantially increasing the structure's service life. 

Depending on the porosity of the substrate, the active ingredients in Dry-Seal masonry water-repellent cream can penetrate it within as little as 30 minutes, reacting to form a protective polymer silicone resin. The white colour of the formula, which makes application easier, disappears as Dry-Seal penetrates, and the substrate remains fully permeable to water vapour, allowing the structure to breathe. 

Before applying Dry-Seal, it is essential to ensure that the substrate is in sound condition. Remedy all structural defects, including open joints, rising dampness, cracks and hygroscopic moisture. 

Cleaning in this way opens the capillaries and pores of the brickwork, ensuring that it can completely absorb the masonry water-repellent cream. Dry-Seal's waterproofing effectiveness depends entirely on the formula penetrating the substrate deeply, do not use it on painted surfaces or non-porous substrates such as marble.

Dry-Seal masonry repellent cream is available in 3kg containers. You can purchase this high-performance water-proofer from Twistfix at the ultra-competitive price of just £54.99 + VAT. For more details, please visit the product page on our website.  

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