Is YOUR Basement Protected?!

The rain is back with a vengeance and many properties have once again suffered from flooding. Those with basements have been particularly affected and this is often due to inadequate basement waterproofing, which should always be carried out by a quality professional using high quality basement waterproofing membranes and related products, all available from Twistfix.

Recent storms have deposited millions of litres of rainwater onto the ground, causing a significant rise in the level of the water table. Properties with non-existent or inadequate below-ground waterproofing systems have suffered extensively as a result of this inclement weather, leading to a sharp rise in the number of work opportunities for contractors involved in the repair and renovation trade.

The water table is the lowest point of ground beneath which lies only water. Across the country, this level varies greatly due to a number of factors including rainfall level, soil drainage capacity and height above sea level. It is difficult to predict the ever-changing levels of the water table though properties in low-lying areas are particularly susceptible to the problems caused when the level is high. To ensure that basements and other underground areas such as crawl spaces remain consistently dry even during the periods of heavy rainfall as are presently being experienced, it is essential that comprehensive basement tanking systems are installed.

Twistfix specialise in providing damp proofing systems to our contractors. The range includes all materials and accessories required to provide a professional damp proof course; waterproofing membrane forms an integral part of the selection.

Cavity-drain damp proof membrane create an air-gap between themselves and the floor or wall they are applied to, allowing water to pass through and be safely directed away from the property. Once installed, using tough and durable waterproof plugs and plug seals, the possibility of water ingress is completely eliminated. Thanks to their ability to deal with aggressive groundwater symptoms, cavity drain membranes have become the structural waterproofing method of choice for most properties in the UK.

Our waterproofing membranes and other basement waterproofing systems can be used on projects of any scale, providing professional results at the most competitive price. If required, the highly-skilled Twistfix technical team are available to assist with selecting the most suitable product.

Is YOUR Basement Protected?!

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