ISO-THERM: Provides Insulation, Prevents Condensation!

Autumn is already halfway through and winter is hot (cold!) on its heels. Properties that are not prepared to face the challenges presented by the inevitable low temperatures are going to face serious impacts, from having to pay excessive heating bills to problems with damp that could be costly, intrusive and time-consuming to remedy.

One of the simplest, most effective ways to prevent such problems is to adequately insulate the property. Here at Twistfix, we supply a variety of insulation products and ancillaries: one of these is ISO-THERM Thin Internal Wall Insulation, which is the subject of this week's edition of our blog. 

Traditional materials used to insulate internal walls are thick and cumbersome, with installation methods being disruptive as a result. In addition, the use of such materials can have the coun­ter­pro­duc­tive effect of increasing the potential for condensation. ISO-THERM, a product created by industry-leading company Wykamol, provides a reliable, vastly-more effective solution.

ISO-THERM is manufactured using a specially-woven polyester-based material, resulting in a product that measures a tiny 4mm in thickness. This gives the insulation an exceptional level of flexibility that makes installation a rapid and easy process; ISO-THERM can be simply cut around things like light switches and electrical sockets while critical elements such as door architraves and skirting boards can remain in place during installation. 

As long as the plastered walls are sound, ISO-THERM can be applied directly to them, further shortening the time it takes to install and reducing the level of disruption. Following application, a plaster skim can be laid over the ISO-THERM before being painted. 

Though ISO-THERM is vapour-permeable, it is at the same time entirely waterproof and strongly resists lateral damp transference; this reliably prevents any nitrates and/or chlorides (collectively referred to as 'efflorescent salts') forming on the finished decorative surface. The remarkable level of thermal benefit that ISO-THERM delivers also ensures that there is no potential for outbreaks of health-damaging mould. 

To make the process of installing ISO-THERM internal wall insulation as convenient as possible for our discerning customers, Twistfix has put together a comprehensive kit. In addition to a roll of ISO-THERM sufficient to cover over seven square metres of wall, the cost-effective kit comes complete with the container of Wykamol's Isotherm Superbond Adhesive required for rapid, fuss-free installation.

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If you have any questions or need advice, please get in touch with our expert technical team. 

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