Clamour to Repair Potholes Begins

The cold snap is over and the clamour to repair pot-holed tarmac surfaces with Ultracrete pothole repair products has begun. But what causes potholes to develop in our roads, paths and drives?

The cause is quite simple. Rain-water seeps into cracked tarmac, washing away underlying dirt and surface-supporting gravel.  In cold weather the water in the void freezes.  Ice expands to occupy a greater volume of space than water and repetitive freeze/ thaw cycles create the forces that begin to break up roads, yards and driveways, leaving unsightly and hazardous potholes.

Ultracrete is versatile cold lay asphalt.  It is the only tarmac repair product with both BBA and HAPAS approvals.  It is extremely easy to use and is suitable for both planned and emergency pothole repairs.  The asphalt can be used by keen DIY enthusiasts, builders, gardeners and road workers.  Once laid the repaired tarmac can instantly take foot and vehicular traffic in most conditions

Twistfix supplies a tarmac repair kit to fill potholes permanently.  If you want to get rid of those hazardous holes in your drive, path or yard then purchase an Ultracrete repair kit from the Grounds Maintenance section of our web site.

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