Masonry Reinforcement: The Twistfix Lintel Repair Kit

A key aspect of most doors and windows is the lintel, a horizontal support beam, that runs across the top of the opening. Should the lintel become damaged or weakened over time, it should be immediately repaired to restore structural integrity and ensure that there is no possibility of collapse.

Diagonal cracks in a lintel are one of the clearest indications that the lintel is failing. Sometimes, step cracking may appear in the masonry that is above the window or door. Such cracks should be immediately investigated and the observations used to decide on a suitable remedial plan.

A common mistake is to repair the cracks; this is not sufficient as the cracks will only reappear. The solution is to use helical bars to reinforce the damaged lintel, converting the brickwork into a reliable load-carrying beam. Helical bars are available from Twistfix as part of our bestselling Lintel Repair Kit and can also be purchased separately in packs of 10.  

One of the most common reasons for lintel failure is the installation of new, modern window and/or door frames which are fabricated from uPVC. Extremely lightweight, unlike steel or timber frames, uPVC cannot bear the heavy weight of the masonry above. The result is weakened panels which eventually lead to lintel failure. 

A masonry lintel functions by transferring vertical loads via the brickwork's compressive strength. When a pair of helical bars is installed, one of them carried this compression while the other acts in tension, resulting in a repaired, reinforced lintel. Correct installation of the system give the lintel a load-bearing capacity of around 2.6 tonnes, as calculated by the BRE. 

The standard Twistfix Lintel Repair Kit centres on four of these helical bars, each with a 6mm diameter and measuring 3.5m in length. Grade 304 stainless steel of premium quality has been used to craft the bars, which help to increase the masonry's tensile and flexural strengths. This basic version of the kit also includes sufficient WHO 60 masonry repair grout for installation. 

The kit is also available in an enhanced format which, as well as the bars and grout, also includes a comprehensive range of accessories: a Grout-Master applicator with Hi-Flo nozzle, a brick jointer/finger trowel and a helix mixer paddle.

Using the system is incredibly easy: check out our short YouTube video to see the process in action!

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