Masonry Waterproofing: Use Hydraflex for the Best Effects!

The Twistfix portfolio continues to expand and one of the most recent additions is Hydraflex, an innovative and highly-efficient way to protect masonry and concrete from the damaging effects of water. As with every other product in our vast collection, Hydraflex Flexible Tanking Membrane is made available to Twistfix customers at the most competitive price. 

A key quality of Hydraflex is its exceptional versatility. Ideal for use in both internal and external environments, the unique formula will work successfully in all kinds of areas from basements, balconies, podium decks and terraces to flat roofs, lift pits, cellars, water tanks and building foundations. It is also perfect for use at all construction joints as well as at any junction between floors and walls. 

Hydraflex is expressly designed to create a permanent waterproof barrier on mineral substrates including concrete and masonry. This impervious seal protects the substrate, delivering such superior performance in terms of crack-bridging that it is suitable for use in even the most high-rick areas such as those that are vulnerable to excessive vibration and movement. 

Hydraflex comprises a cementitious powder and a concentrated liquid polymer which are mixed together utilising a simple yet accurate bag-and-bottle system. The combined formula offers exceptional adhesive properties  whatever the conditions during application: damp, below-zero temperatures, vertical/­overhead surfaces and negative or positive water pressures do not alter the effectiveness of Hydraflex. 

It is crucial that the two components that comprise the Hydraflex system are mixed correctly and so here is a guide to getting it right. 

  1. First, thoroughly mix the liquid polymer component by shaking vigorously. 
  2. Allow the shaken polymer 20 seconds to settle before pouring into a suitable container such as a clean bucket. 
  3. The powder can now be gradually added to the bucket, mixing all the time. For best results, it is recommended that this be done using an electric paddle on a low-shear setting: this will ensure that dust generation is kept to an absolute minimum. 
  4. After all of the powder component has been added, the shear setting of the paddle should be increased so that the two components are thoroughly mixed. If any powder has stuck to the sides of the container, scrape it back into the mixture and continue mixing until the consistency of the formula is uniform and entirely free of lumps. 
  5. If you need to alter the consistency and make it thinner, up to half a litre of water can be added, ensuring that it is thoroughly mixed in as above. 

Please visit the dedicated product page on our website for full details about Hydraflex Tanking Membrane, including data sheets. If you have any further questions, our technical team will be happy to help so please give us a call

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