Prepare for Home Repair Post Christmas!

When Christmas dinner is finished and Boxing Day has been and gone it is the time to complete all those little jobs and repairs you have been putting off all year. It is these little jobs which are now causing other problems like damp and mould due to you putting them off.

Damp and mould can cause no end of devastation to your property yet are easily avoidable with good maintenance. They can be fixed easily at a relatively small expense.

You still have time to buy products from Twistfix to carry out all those jobs. Twistfix will dispatch up to 21st December for pre-Christmas deliveries and any items ordered after this date will be dispatched on 3rd January by Express delivery. Twistfix sales and technical lines are open throughout Xmas and the web site is open 24/7.

Leaking Roofs

Twistfix paint-on roof sealer is an emergency and long lasting acrylic roof sealant and waterproof coating. The roof paint waterproofs instantly to seal leaks in most roofing materials.

The roof sealer paint contains added fibres to repair cracked and leaking roof substrates. The roof sealant waterproofs instantly even in the rain and does not wash off whilst curing. The paint is ideal for sealing flat roofs, slates, asphalt, damp concrete, metal, asbestos, roofing felt, roof lights, lead bays, valleys and gutters.

It is easily applied by brush or spatula.  Coverage = 1-2kg per square metre on average.

Blocked Gutters

Once you have sealed that roof why not fit Twistfix Gutter Guard to stop the gutters and rainwater pipes becoming blocked with leaves and debris, stopping any further damp problems. No more annual trip up the ladder to remove blockages.

The Gutter Guards are available in single lengths of 4m long or as a trade box of 40m.

Penetrating Damp

Twistfix have a selection ofhigh strength silane siloxane surface treatments for the prevention of penetrating damp, stoping damp migrating through masonry walls and brickwork facades. It is quick and easy to apply using a brush or roller.

Masonry Water Repellent

Masonry Water Repellent Spray is a silicone/­siloxane masonry water repellent that prevents damp penetrating through brick and stone walls. Thwe water repellent spray does not form an impervious damp proofing membrane, it simply provides a silicone resin lining in capillaries in the masonry to repel water whilst allowing brick and stone to breathe. If spraying porous brickwork spray a second coat whilst the walls are still wet from the first coat.

Masonry Water Repellent is supplied in 5ltr and 25 litre tubs. For porous brickwork coverage =2-3m2 and for dense masonry coverage = 4-5m2.

Damp Seal Water Repellent

Damp Seal Water Repellent is a super strength thixotropic silane cream which offers a 100% vapour permeable waterproofing treatment for brick and stone structures including bridges, tunnels, building facades and stonework.

Once applied the potential for damp staining, frost attack and spalling is reduced and the concrete is protected against chloride attack from marine or de-icing salts to substantially increase the service life of the structure

Coverage = Damp seal water repellent is supplied in 3kg tubs and covers 15m2.  Only one coat needed.

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